At Manifest Results, we harness the powerful Law of Alchemy to strengthen your body and elevate your manifestation abilities. We believe in achieving Manifestation Health by stabilizing your muscles and expanding your channels for love and universal currency so that you feel empowered to anchor more of those energies into your life, humanity, and the earth.

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First things first

What is The Law of Alchemy?

The Law of Alchemy states that to gain something, you must first sacrifice something of equal value (based upon the law of equivalent exchange). It involves two parts:

Transmutation - the death of something

Alchemy - the rebirth of that thing

This process is like energetically digesting experiences through the body or chakra system, resulting in tangible manifestations. By practicing alchemy, you can trigger universal currency in your life, with money and opportunities being just two of the primary 3D manifestations of this energy.

The Law of Alchemy is at the core of everything we do at Manifest Results. We believe it is a crucial aspect of maintaining optimal Manifestation Health when applied to stabilizing and strengthening the physical body.Ā 

About Tarah Michele, CPT

As a certified personal trainer and Law of Alchemy Coach, I integrate physical fitness with energetic practices to enhance your Manifestation Health. Just as we nurture mental and physical health, I believe in optimizing Manifestation Health through targeted exercises that elevate personal vibration. Discover how strengthening specific stabilizing muscles and systems creates safety and stability, which, together make the prime ecosystem for effortless manifestation.

1/1 Sessions

Manifestation Health Coaching

How's your manifestation health? In our Manifestation Health Coaching sessions, we use tarot to gain deep insights and guidance. As a certified personal trainer, I guide you on how to strengthen common stabilizing muscles that weaken with age and a sedentary lifestyleā€“this creates the prime ecosystem for potent manifestation. Together, weā€™ll harness the Law of Alchemy, ensuring your physical and energetic bodies are aligned, so you can manifest your desires with more ease and power. This holistic approach not only strengthens your body, ensuring graceful aging but also amplifies your ability to manifest your highest potential.

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Engergetic Tarot Reading

All Manifestation Health Coaching includes Energetic Tarot, but sometimes you just need guidance from the cards! As an energetic intuitive, I have always been able to feel energies. Tarot cards hold energies, and through them, I can tap into your energy field to provide insights on the quickest and most effortless path to your highest timeline. This reading can answer your questions and provide valuable insights, helping you gain clarity, make important decisions, and feel empowered AF.

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